Thursday, October 20, 2011

His Third Degree

Brinkley now has THREE diplomas!  He just finished his Click-a-Trick class at PetSmart, and he learned so many fun tricks.  He now knows how to play dead, be shy, say his prayers, roll over (his least favorite), spin, wave, high five, shake, reverse, go around, jump over a hurdle and through a hoop, and crawl. 
He loved this class and was always excited to work on learning his new tricks.  All I have to say is, "You wanna work?" and he runs off looking for the clicker and treats.  He is such a smart dog and did really well with this class. 
He graduated on Sunday after passing several tests.  First was the crawling race, and he won both heats.  I have never seen him crawl so far or so fast!  Then he had to go through an obstacle course of different tricks/objects and he did really well.  He was the ONLY dog in the class to have a solid "play dead" by the last class, and he got to show off several times for everyone.  I know he will miss his doggy friends and all the attention, but we'll keep working on perfecting his tricks and learning lots of new ones!  I read the other day that the more a dog knows, the more easily he learns.

Congratulations, my little graduate!

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