Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making a Splash!

Last weekend, Brinkley got to try dock diving for the first time ever!  He absolutely loved playing in the water, but he was hesitant to jump from the dock each time.  He did have one run and jump, but I think he reached the end of the dock before he realized it!  Every other time, he ran to the end of the dock, stopped, considered, floundered, and then eventually jumped/fell into the pool. 

 Getting used to pool from the steps

 Oh, no!  Water in the ears! (This picture makes me giggle.)

 Happy Labby!

 That is one wild, excited doggy . . .

. . . who eventually managed to calm down a little! 

 The trainer and her doggy, who has obviously had some practice!

 Is this dog walking on water?  This picture certainly makes it seem that he is!

 Brinkley (his splash and his tail at least)

 Is the toy worth it?  (Of course, he decided it was!)


 See?  More of a fall than a jump.  Let's have a closer look . . .

 And another one!

This is a sweet little chocolate Lab named Maddie, who tried to show Brinkley how it was done.  He watched her intently on her turns, and even got to meet her up close.  He thought she was pretty cute!  I don't think she taught him how to jump though!  Maybe next time . . .

(Thanks to L. and T. for taking pictures for me!  These are priceless!)

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