Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is Something Plush

Santa: Well, hello there, Brinkley!  Have you been a good boy this year?

Brinkley:  Yes, sir, Santa, sir.  I have been a very good boy, sir.

Santa:  Are you sure about that?

Brinkley:  Yes, sir!  Most of the time, anyway.  I even graduated from my training class and was voted Most Improved!

Santa:  Well, then, what would you like for Christmas this year?

Brinkley:  I would like a stuffed bear and plush duck and fleece pig and a fluffy rabbit and, well, basically anything soft and squishy and stuffed, because my mommy won't let me have any toys like that, not even blankets or pillows or anything.  All I get are Kongs and Nylabones and rubber frisbees and balls.

Santa:  Well, you don't chew up the soft toys . . . do you?

Brinkley:  Isn't that what they're for?!?!?!

(I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing Brinkley more of the same for Christmas this year!  Maybe next year . . . )

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankfully . . .

Brinkley enjoyed his first Thanksgiving, spent at my sister's house with her two dogs!  He loves to play with Cooper and Abagael!  He thinks he has to be playing with them anytime they are in his sight.  Hopefully, as he gets older, he will figure out that he can play for a while and then take a break and rest.

On the way home on Sunday, we stopped at PetSmart and I was brave enough to take him in.  I was really afraid he would be wild and I would have to take him back out to the car to do my shopping.  However, he did amazingly well!  He was cautious at first but warmed up to the idea quickly.  Several guys petted him as we started our shopping, and he was not scared of the buggy as I was afraid he would be! 

I put him in a sit-stay while I lifted the 46 lb. bag of dog food into the cart, and the visions I'd had of being dragged around behind him carrying a huge bag of dog food did not come to be, thankfully!  He sat perfectly still.  He quickly picked up on the fact that I wanted him sitting and staying while I looked at things, so I did not even have to tell him to sit several times!  While we were on the toy aisle, he sat beside me while two ladies down the aisle were squeaking every single toy they picked up, and he did not rush them and steal the toys!  Yay!

When we were in line to check out, two boys came up to pet him and he loved that.  He gave the smaller boy kisses in the face and let the older boy rub his belly.  He would have stayed there all day!  While I was checking out, he sat beside the buggy and watched everyone and did not give me any problems.  His first shopping trip went SO much better than I expected.  He was perfectly behaved!  I foresee a lot more trips to PetSmart for my little boy!

Way to go, Brinks!