Thursday, October 20, 2011

His Third Degree

Brinkley now has THREE diplomas!  He just finished his Click-a-Trick class at PetSmart, and he learned so many fun tricks.  He now knows how to play dead, be shy, say his prayers, roll over (his least favorite), spin, wave, high five, shake, reverse, go around, jump over a hurdle and through a hoop, and crawl. 
He loved this class and was always excited to work on learning his new tricks.  All I have to say is, "You wanna work?" and he runs off looking for the clicker and treats.  He is such a smart dog and did really well with this class. 
He graduated on Sunday after passing several tests.  First was the crawling race, and he won both heats.  I have never seen him crawl so far or so fast!  Then he had to go through an obstacle course of different tricks/objects and he did really well.  He was the ONLY dog in the class to have a solid "play dead" by the last class, and he got to show off several times for everyone.  I know he will miss his doggy friends and all the attention, but we'll keep working on perfecting his tricks and learning lots of new ones!  I read the other day that the more a dog knows, the more easily he learns.

Congratulations, my little graduate!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making a Splash!

Last weekend, Brinkley got to try dock diving for the first time ever!  He absolutely loved playing in the water, but he was hesitant to jump from the dock each time.  He did have one run and jump, but I think he reached the end of the dock before he realized it!  Every other time, he ran to the end of the dock, stopped, considered, floundered, and then eventually jumped/fell into the pool. 

 Getting used to pool from the steps

 Oh, no!  Water in the ears! (This picture makes me giggle.)

 Happy Labby!

 That is one wild, excited doggy . . .

. . . who eventually managed to calm down a little! 

 The trainer and her doggy, who has obviously had some practice!

 Is this dog walking on water?  This picture certainly makes it seem that he is!

 Brinkley (his splash and his tail at least)

 Is the toy worth it?  (Of course, he decided it was!)


 See?  More of a fall than a jump.  Let's have a closer look . . .

 And another one!

This is a sweet little chocolate Lab named Maddie, who tried to show Brinkley how it was done.  He watched her intently on her turns, and even got to meet her up close.  He thought she was pretty cute!  I don't think she taught him how to jump though!  Maybe next time . . .

(Thanks to L. and T. for taking pictures for me!  These are priceless!)

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Terrible Terrific Twos

Brinkley is 2 today!  I had grand plans for an exciting birthday for him, with a trip to the park, playing in the creek, and shopping for his birthday presents on the list.  Unfortunately, he hurt his dew claw pad on Monday while he was running outside.  The vet had to remove the tissue he had torn and then cauterize it.  He has a crater in his pad now!  I had kept him quiet and wearing his e-collar to let it heal, and then I let him play for just a few minutes outside last night.  After we had been back inside for a short while, I looked down and saw drops of blood all over the living room floor!  So much for birthday plans.  All he really got to do was take a nap in the floor draped across my lap this morning, and then we took a long nap on the bed this afternoon.  He did have me home all day long though, and for him, that is probably present enough!

I think 2 is going to be a very good age for him!  We survived two years of Lab-puppy-craziness and now we are settling into a more mature phase.  I can really tell he is growing up.  He is so eager to please and has more self-control now.  I think I'm going to like the terrible terrific twos!

Happy Birthday, Brinkleberryboogeydoogeywoo!